The original Klínova Bouda was founded as early as 1676 on the site of an allegedly original hut built by workers who carried ore from Svatý Petr to Dolní Dvůr so that they would have a place to hide from bad weather. The south-facing 40-hectare meadow is said to have originated in the 17th century as an economic base for the silver mines in St. Peter.

Unlike the equally high meadow enclaves, there were not only summer huts in Klínovky, but mountaineers lived here all year round. That’s why a private teacher from Renner’s nearby huts came here since 1814. At that time, a military retiree also met the qualification of a teacher. It was taught in various cottages, in addition, children from Rennerovky and all three enclaves of Pláně also came here. In 1903, the village of Volský Důl, to which Klínové boudy then belonged, built its own one-class school for twenty-eight children.

During the boom with tourism at the end of the 19th century, at least one cottage in each mountain meadow enclave was transformed into a mountain inn. Hermann Buchberger and his wife Wilhelmina have exhausted the local tourist potential at Klínové boudy. At the end of the 19th century, they owned the two highest cottages by the tourist path, the upper one was rebuilt into the soon-known Klínova bouda. Directly on the doorstep, the roads from Pláně, Svatý Petr, Výrovka, Fries and Renner’s huts connected.

During the seventy years of operation, the hut was met three times by misfortune. It burned down for the first time in 1912. A year later, the Buchbergers rebuilt it and immediately sold it to the Bönsch brothers from Luční bouda. In 1926, they appointed Johann Braun of Braunberg or Brown Hill in Pec as the administrator. In addition to a mountain farm with three cows and a pair of draft horses, his family offered guests accommodation, and especially sitting in a stylish inn with live music and dancing.

After World War II, in May 1945, the post-war guerrillas unjustifiably shot farmer Braun right in front of the hut and the eyes of the family. Then, for twenty-five years, state organizations ran there. In the winter of 1970, the hut burned to the ground, and for forty years, the Klínové Boudy were left without adequate compensation.

In 2003, a neighboring hut known as „Tesla“ was acquired by a private owner from the Tesla Hloubětín company. In the years 2005 – 2010, the hut was completely reconstructed to its current form and opened to the public under the name „Nová Klínovka“.

In 2016, the hut was bought by Infinmed s.r.o., which, with the intention of giving life to the hut again and renewing the age-old tradition of this beautiful mountain hut, gave the hut the name „Bouda Klínovka“.

František Zálešák, who lives here with his family, has been running the Klínovka hut since 2017. He founded the Mountain Ranch Klínové boudy and started farming. After many years, life and beautiful Highland Cattle cows, ideal for mountain meadows, returned back to Klínové boudy.

The matter of the heart, beautiful place, feeling like you’re coming home. You smell the bread. Excellent food. Everything is possible, wonders and miracles to wait – literally. Firm handshake and perfect care for each host. Attention. I would love to come back again soon. Thanks everyone who took care of me and my daughters.